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Chapter One: 

Life Before Fairfield

“Life Before Fairfield” explores what happened in the area now known as Jefferson County BEFORE the first settlers arrived. Experience the impact of the great glaciers, the movement of prehistoric beasts and the traditions and language of the native peoples of this land. Soaring aerials of prairie grasses and snippets of interviews with archaeologists, Native American tribal historians as well as Dr. Bob Bakker, world-renowned paleontologist of “Jurassic Park” fame all help put together the prehistoric beginnings of one small town in southeast Iowa.

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Behind the Scenes

Take a glimpse behind the scenes of Life Before Fairfield. See some of our favorite moments researching and filming this movie.
Watch State Archaeologist John Doershuk, Ioway tribal historian Lance Foster and film Director Dick DeAngelis discuss some of the in-depth research that was done to prepare to film Life Before Fairfield.



Bob Bakker

Jonathan Buffalo

John Doershuk

Preston Duncan

Lance Foster

Chérie Haury-Artz

Kim Hollrah

Marlin Ingalls

Gary Nelson

Cindy Peterson

Homes Semken

Anton Till

Historical Contributors

Lynn Alex

Jonathan Andelson

Joe Artz

Mary Bennett

Dale Essick

Loyal Fulton

Agustin Harless

Steve Hyde

Laurie Lane-Zucker

Gene Luedtke

Trina Roberts 

Teresa Rucker

Michael L Scullin

Mark Shafer

Mark Wilkins

Mike Zahs

Carnegie Historical Museum

Fairfield Public Library

Global Recordings

Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Living History Farms

Morrison Natural History Museum in CO

State Historical Society of Iowa

U of I Mobile Museum

U of I Museum of Natural History

U of I Office of the State Archaelogist

U of I Old Captiol Museum



Fairfield Media Center

Everybody’s Whole Foods

Fairfield Iowa Convention & Visitors Bureau

Greater Jefferson County Foundation


Major Sponsors

Cafe Paradiso

First National Bank in Fairfield

Libertyville Savings Bank

Pat and Barb McMahon

Adam Steck

Belilove Company of Iowa

Eugene L. Copeland

Gene Greco

Jefferson County Farm Bureau

Pat Kessel

Tom Louden

Dr. Robert L Tree

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