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Chapter three: 

A Place to Grow

"A Place to Grow" - the Evolution of Farming in Jefferson County, Iowa, explores the cumulative impact farming has had on this small Midwestern community. Learn about ancient Native American farming techniques and the role of women seed keepers. Hear stories from small family farmers, organic and sustainable farming and the impact agribusiness has had on local farming operations.

"A Place to Grow" gives a heart-filled insight into the people who have worked this land for generations.

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“If you love Iowa...if you respect what our hard-working, big-hearted local farmers do for all of us everyday

you need to see this film.”

  Myron Gookin


“Stunningly beautiful and deeply moving. Cannot recommend enough! Run don’t walk to see this film”

Erika Richards, Administrator, David Lynch Graduate School of Cinematic Arts


“At last! "A Place to Grow" tells the story of the origins of Iowa agriculture as part of Native American history and culture. 

               Lance Foster, Iowa Tribe of KS and NE (THPO and Vice-Chairman) 

Behind the Scenes

See some behind the scenes footage from A Place to Grow and all the fun we had filming this project.
Watch about old time farming, as part of a unique look behind the scenes of A Place to Grow.



Leland Searles

Faith Reeves

Francis Thicke

Anton Till

Lance Foster

Marisa Miakonda Cummings

Melinda Carriker

Cherie Haury-Artz

Lou Bolster

Jennifer Hamilton

Shawn Morrissey

Mark Logli

Dr. Thomas Morain

Keith Watson

David Switzer

Sallie Hayes

Dee Sandquist

Leo Landis

Linda McIntire

Roy Cowen

Roy Rogers

Larry Nash

Doug Smith

Leland Gookin

Jack Middlekoop

Jack Murphy

Helen Adam

Don Pacha

Orville Brown

Rachel Gevock

Steve Hickenbottom

Joe Adam

John Adam

Dennis Adam

Steve Keller

Gary Adam

John Sandbothe

Jason Steele

John Ikerd

Tyler Adam

Kris Johnson

Historical Contributors

Lawrence Eyre

Dorothy Gilbert

Lance Foster

Marisa Miakonda Cummings

Mark Shafer

Stan Plum

Rory Goff

Leland Searles

Cherie Haury-Artz

Mary Bennett

Leo Landis

Melinda Carriker



Fairfield Media Center

Cafe Paradiso

Everybody’s Whole Foods

Fairfield Iowa Convention & Visitors Bureau

Bob and Martha Rasmussen

Ferguson Leaders Unlimited

John and Kirstin DeAngelis

Libertyville Savings Bank

Steve and Sally Johnston


First National Bank in Fairfield

Iowa State Bank & Trust Company

Dennis M. Adam

Edith Jordan

Fred and Dixie Hickenbottom

Fred Reiter

Gerald E. Adam

Larry Nash

Pat Kessel

Pat McMahon

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