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Chapter three: 

A Place to Grow

During the production of "A Place to Grow; the evolution of agriculture in Fairfield, Iowa," we interviewed over 50 people who have farmed this land over the past 100 years. This film features stunning aerial footage as well as insightful conversations with experts in Native American seed keepers. It includes talks with today's small family farmers, big ag operators as well as organic farmers of all kinds. "A Place to Grow" tells the touching story of the people who have farmed on some of the most fertile soil in the United States - right here in Jefferson County Iowa. 

“If you love Iowa...if you respect what our hard-working, big-hearted local farmers do for all of us need to see this film.”

  - Myron Gookin


“Stunningly beautiful and deeply moving. Cannot recommend enough! Run don’t walk to see this film”

- Erika Richards, Administrator, David Lynch Graduate School of Cinematic Arts


“At last! "A Place to Grow" tells the story of the origins of Iowa agriculture as part of Native American history and culture. 

               – Lance Foster, Iowa Tribe of KS and NE (THPO and Vice-Chairman)                   

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Producer & Director

Dick DeAngelis

Director of Photography

Jason Strong

Film Editor

Ed Murphy

Sound Editor

Tim Britton

Associate Producer

Ann Gookin

Behind the Scenes

See some behind the scenes footage from A Place to Grow and all the fun we had filming this project.
Watch about old time farming, as part of a unique look behind the scenes of A Place to Grow.



Bob Bakker

Jonathan Buffalo

John Doershuk

Preston Duncan

Lance Foster

Chérie Haury-Artz

Kim Hollrah

Marlin Ingalls

Gary Nelson

Cindy Peterson

Homes Semken

Anton Till

Historical Contributors

Lynn Alex

Jonathan Andelson

Joe Artz

Mary Bennett

Dale Essick

Loyal Fulton

Agustin Harless

Steve Hyde

Laurie Lane-Zucker

Gene Luedtke

Trina Roberts 

Teresa Rucker

Michael L Scullin

Mark Shafer

Mark Wilkins

Mike Zahs

Carnegie Historical Museum

Fairfield Public Library

Global Recordings

Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Living History Farms

Morrison Natural History Museum in CO

State Historical Society of Iowa

U of I Mobile Museum

U of I Museum of Natural History

U of I Office of the State Archaelogist

U of I Old Captiol Museum


Corporate Sponsor


Major Sponsors

City of Fairfield

Greater Jefferson County Foundation

Libertyville Savings Bank

Cafe Paradiso

John & Kirstin DeAngelis

Everybody's Whole Foods

Bob Ferguson

Steve and Sally Johnston

Martha Rasmussen

Denny Adam

Gary Adam

Fairfield Iowa Convention & Visitors Bureau

Edith Jordan

Pat and Barb McMahon

Larry Nash

Fred Reiter

Sterling Foundation

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Chapter One: 

Life Before Fairfield

Heroes of Fairfield 11x17 Flag.jpg

Chapter Two: 

Heroes of Fairfield

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