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Each year, we receive $100,000 of in-kind contributions from our generous 

volunteers. For our next film, we still need volunteers for:

  • On Set Grip​

  • On Set Makeup

  • On Set Still Photographer

  • Accounting

  • Grant Writing

  • Historical Research

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Our town is a very giving community.

We receive $50,000 - $60,000 for each

film through individuals, local businesses,

and grants that are committed to helping us leave this legacy for future generations.

This allows us to continue to make feature length documentaries that are both beautiful and captivating. At this time, we could use your help.

As a community, we have come together to research, reveal and record insights into the place we call home so we can leave a lasting legacy for future generations. A select group of truly amazing people has committed to donating $10,000 each to help fund this eight-part series. We invite you to join them and become a Legacy Member of the Fairfield History Series.

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