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Be Wild to ReWild

AWARD WINNER - 2022 Short Film Factory - BE WILD TO REWILD.png
Midwest Slam Fest 2022 WINNER BOW.png
AWARD WINNER - 2022 Nature Without Borders International Film Festival - BE WILD TO REWILD

What is wildness and to what extent is the concept of domestication based on a fear of the unfamiliar, fear of wildness? In order to make those changes in our environment, we need to start with addressing our own wildness. We must learn to be more trusting and more trustworthy.

“Be Wild to ReWild" offers a glimpse into the wildness from the eyes of filmmaker Dick DeAngelis. Based on his interviews with three national rewilding and wilderness experts, this film brings light to who we are, where we live, and what it will take to help ALL life, human and non-human, survive and thrive. Supported with a grant from

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