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When Maharishi Came to Town

Chapter Six: 
When Maharishi Came to Town

"Parsons" is the fifth in the critically-acclaimed Fairfield History Series. It uncovers the truth behind the unprecedented growth and sudden demise of Parsons College through accounts from past students, faculty members and educational leaders.
The film’s historical research team has uncovered what was really behind Parsons’ rapid growth in the 60’s from 350 to over 5,000 students. Archival footage and photos along with an amazing soundtrack bring to life the first-hand accounts of what really happened at Parsons College and what caused its tragic closing in 1973.

Amine Koudier

The Fairfield History Series provides a comprehensive, up-to-date look into the history of Fairfield, Iowa. Spearheaded by Producer/Director Dick DeAngelis, with support from over 100 local volunteer historians, researchers, moviemakers, and storytellers, these films provide a unique insight into the indomitable spirit of this small Iowa town. These eight beautiful chapters, told by local people, are certain to leave a lasting legacy for generations of Fairfielders to come.

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Behind the Scenes

See some of our favorite moments while researching and filming this movie.



John Launius

Lawrence Eyre

Melanie Carlson

Lee Muntz

Edith Jordan

Betty Perkins

Vera Young

Ida Nakashima Schneck

John Blackstock

Dave Hetzler

Martha Flinspach

Larry Litwin

Robert Fox

Martha Rasmussen

Dan Breen

Kay Ferguson

Andrew Jugle

William "Biff"Kummer

Ray Ham

Carol Atkins

Dr. Robert Tree

Laura Crossett

Al Arends

Dick Nelson

Duane Banks

Cindy Thompson Albers

Bill Atkins

Joe Hunt

Jane Hunt

Rhine McLin

Duncan Wall

Pete Nelson

Carol Highsmith

Mike Brouwer

Andre Erramouspe

Historical Contributors

John Blackstock

John Braidwood

Joy Craig

Kay Ferguson

Melanie Carlson

Rory Goff

Andy Hallman

Biff Kummer

John Launius

Art McBreen

Alecs Mickunas

Lawrence Eyre

Dave Neff

Jake Schmidt

Mark Shafer

Nancy Wirtanen

Charlotte Wright



Fairfield Media Center

Everybody’s Whole Foods



John Blackstock

John Braidwood

George Connell

John, Kirstin and Christine DeAngelis

Dieken Family Foundation

Ferguson Leaders Unlimited

Steve & Sally Johnston

William Kummer

Robert T. Montgomery

Dave & Sherri Neff

Jack Oswald Jr.

Martha Rasmussen

Duncan Wall

Kip Walsh

Nancy Wirtanen

Gary Yates

American Rescue Plan Arts Grant

City of Fairfield - LOST Fund

Greater Jefferson County Foundation

Humanities Iowa

Iowa Arts Council Humanities Partnership Grant

Sterling Foundation

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